handless seitai



K.M50 years old

T.C50 years old

BEFORE Everyday I have lower back pain

AFTER My lower back pain is gone and the movement of my shoulder blades has become smoother!

It gave me an opportunity to understand about body movements.

I came to the clinic with low back pain.
I started going to the clinic and my lower back pain went away, and my shoulder blades moved more smoothly.
The Doctor gave me advice on things like stretching, and it gave me an opportunity to think about how my body moves.
You can also receive advice on how to think about your body movements and improve your physical strength, so please come to the clinic without having to worry about it.

K.K50 years old

BEFORE My low back pain and my back is stiff

AFTER My low back feels lighter and I feel great!

I think, you should go to this clinic at least once!!

I was suffering from lower back pain and stiffness in my back.
My body feels lighter and I always go home feeling refreshed. I feel great.
My back will feel lighter, my body will be more active, and my mood feel positive.
I should go at least once, I can really feel the difference.

A.S40 years old

BEFORE Due to long-standing low back pain, I was worried that I would no longer be able to walk.

AFTER My stomach has become stronger and now I can move without worrying about my lower back!

My body's movement is better after the treatment

I had low back pain for many years. My hope was to walk as long as possible on my own two feet.
Doctor showed me some exercises that I could do at home in the morning and evening, and once I did them, it became much better.
After being advised to consume enough water and protein throughout the day, I began to reconsider my diet and gradually started to feel more energized each day.

As I continue the treatment, I will be able to put more pressure on my stomach, and my body movements will improve especially after the treatment. I started to feel motivated to do something.

Doctors showed me the exercises I can do every day, so if I follow the advice, I will definitely get better!

Y.I50 years old