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2024.01.15 Text

How Long Does it Take for Lower Back Pain to be Fundamentally Improved?

βœ… Seitai is a treatment aimed at fundamentally improving various discomforts and body pains. If the pain is at a level where it can be resolved in 1 to 2 sessions, it may not be severe enough to cause much concern and might naturally get better over time.
πŸ‘ Handless Seitai is a representative form of Seitai that can target symptoms that didn’t improve elsewhere.
🧐 Generally, the lasting effect of Seitai is about a week, and it is often said that 5 to 10 sessions are required for fundamental improvement.
πŸ‘‰ Why is repeated treatment necessary? It’s because the body tends to revert to its original unhealthy state. In cases of severe symptoms, where the body has become accustomed to an unhealthy state, some people may experience a return to the original condition within a few days after treatment.
☺️ By repeating treatments, we guide you steadily towards fundamental improvement. So, why not try one session to see how much your pain changes in actuality?

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