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2024.01.15 Text

The Reason Handless Seitai Emphasizes Spinal Alignment

🧐 The process of spinal misalignment is influenced by how you use your body. For instance, if your center of gravity shifts to the right, the muscles on the left continuously exert force to bring you back to the center. This continuous effort becomes a localized or prolonged burden, leading to fatigue and eventually causing chronic pain. 😣

👉 Therefore, the more balanced the muscles are in terms of front, back, left, and right, the less burden on the body. In other words, a body with equal muscle balance is less prone to spinal misalignment and pain.

🏃 In the case of athletes, there may be differences in range of motion and power due to the nature of their sports. However, research in the United States suggests that having some asymmetry in athletes not only reduces the risk of injury but also enhances performance.

👍 Understanding the differences between the bodies of the general population and athletes, Handless Seitai provides tailored treatments based on a deep understanding of each individual.

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