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2024.01.15 Other

It's a Big Mistake to Think that More Stimulation Solves Everything for Bettering the Body!

♦️ Many people believe that if they receive a long treatment of 100 or 120 minutes at a massage or relaxation salon, their body will feel refreshed, and their discomfort will be resolved.

🥱 However, have you ever experienced waking up the next morning feeling extremely tired and sluggish after such a long treatment?

🧐 In reality, if a treatment lasts too long, it can actually lower your self-healing power.

👍 The purpose of treatment is to activate the switch that triggers your inherent self-healing power. Therefore, by aligning the body’s misalignments and applying moderate stimulation, bodily discomfort can be improved.

😣 If you stimulate the muscles for a long time while the body is misaligned, the body remains distorted, but the muscles become loose, resulting in a feeling of sluggishness.

👉 If you are dealing with persistent discomfort that seems hard to resolve, start by aligning the misalignments in your body!

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