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Prone to Hamstring Injuries

For those who are prone to hamstring (back of the thigh) injuries.

⚠️ Certainly, muscle weakness is a factor,
but many individuals with hamstring injuries tend to adopt postures that place additional stress on this area.

🧐Originally, the sequence of bodily discomfort is as follows:
Around the spine

Lower limbs

Upper limbs

Autonomic nervous system
This is the flow in which bodily discomfort occurs.

😣Those with hamstring injuries or stiffness are also likely to experience or have already experienced lower back pain.

✅Adjusting the misalignment of the spine to reduce the burden on the lower back and pelvis is crucial.
And most importantly, focus on nutrition.
☘️ Especially for those lacking in vitamins, there is a tendency to be prone to hamstring pain.
👉Similar advice applies to those prone to leg cramps, so reconsidering your nutritional intake is recommended.

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