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Understanding the Causes of Physical Discomfort

🧐The causes of physical discomfort that many of you are experiencing are related to the three elements of health:
✅ Diet
✅ Sleep
✅ Exercise

😓When these three elements are disrupted,
fatigue accumulates.

😣As fatigue accumulates,
the body becomes misaligned, and this misalignment leads to further misalignments,
making it even more challenging to alleviate fatigue.

⚠️ If this state continues, it can transform into pain,
and persistent pain can eventually result in symptoms that interfere with daily life.

❓The symptoms you are currently experiencing may be a result of
fatigue and misalignment persisting for more than three months.

👉 While adjusting lifestyle habits contributes to recovery,
it may not be sufficient. Therefore, through treatment, we enhance the body’s recovery ability, effectively addressing discomfort and pain.

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