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Shoulder and Neck Pain

🧐Cause: Chronic shoulder stiffness is often caused by spinal misalignment due to prolonged desk work or phone usage habits. However, wrist and arm fatigue can also contribute to shoulder stiffness.

* Mild discomfort or pain. It may be localized to a single point between the neck and shoulders or spread over a wide area.
* Sharp pain that comes and goes, radiating to the shoulders, arms, and hands.
* Feeling of stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
* Limited range of motion in the neck and shoulders, with restricted ability to rotate the head or raise the arms.
* Gradual tingling sensation or numbness spreading to the shoulders, arms, and hands (shoulder pain, neck pain, tingling in the limbs).
* Worsening of neck and shoulder pain with specific movements like turning the head, engaging in sports, sitting, or sleeping.

👉 Handless Seitai corrects spinal misalignment and posture, guiding unused muscles into a functional state, thereby aiding in the recovery of overused muscles.

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