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Reasons for Accumulating Fatigue

😴Fatigue is something that should naturally recover when you sleep, not accumulate. If you feel tired every day, it can become the cause of various future pains and discomforts.

😣Fatigue can be divided into physical and mental aspects, but what is particularly common is physical fatigue due to the impact on the muscles.

👉The reason is that the spine’s misalignment continues to stress the same muscles.

♦️If the spine is in the correct alignment, stress is dispersed even during movement and daily activities. However, when it’s misaligned, stress concentrates on localized muscles. This is similar to the way metal fatigue causes iron to break.

👵With age, spinal misalignment becomes more common, so people who currently suffer from fatigue are likely to experience various pains and discomforts in the future.

👉Since now is the youngest you’ll ever be, taking early action can create long-term health. Handless Seitai provides the opportunity for that starting point.

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