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Knee Pain in Sports Athletes

🧐 Cause: When engaged in activities, especially activities like jogging or soccer, if the appropriate sport is not chosen, if the right exercises are not performed, if training is done incorrectly or excessively, or if warm-up is neglected, it can result in significant stress on the knees. Indeed, knee pain is prone to occur.

😣 Symptoms:
+ The skin color in the painful area changes, and inflammation or other unusual symptoms may appear.
+ Pain worsens with specific activities, such as walking, sitting, or lying down.
+ The pain either worsens or doesn’t improve even after several days of rest.

☺️ Solution:
πŸ‘‰ Knee pain can be alleviated by correcting the body’s misalignment through Handless Seitai therapy. Additionally, advice on proper nutritional and weight management will be provided for faster recovery.

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