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2024.01.14 About Us

Characteristics of People Prone to Abdominal Fat

🧐 Have you noticed an increase in abdominal fat as you age? For example, between individuals with jobs that require frequent use of leg muscles, such as standing work, and those with sedentary jobs like desk work or taxi driving, who do you think is more likely to accumulate fat around the abdomen?

👩‍💻 Considering that fat burns through muscle activity, it’s more likely for people who spend long periods sitting to accumulate fat around the abdomen.
👉 However, sitting with the correct posture engages the abdominal muscles continuously, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that fat will accumulate around the abdomen.

✅By correcting posture and ensuring that muscles function normally, you can achieve a body that burns fat more effectively. To achieve this, it’s crucial to correct spinal misalignment and create an environment where all muscles in the body can function properly. ☺️

👍Handless Seitai’s approach extends beyond fundamental pain improvement and can positively impact body shape as well.

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