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For Those Suffering from Shoulder Stiffness

🧐 The causes of shoulder stiffness are significantly linked to “everyday posture” and “spinal misalignment.”

In particular, spinal misalignment has a substantial impact. Misalignment disrupts the evenness of muscles, causing the muscles around the spine to become tense. As a result, the shoulder blades become immobile, posture is further compromised, and strain and pain develop in the shoulders and neck. 😣

👉 As a solution, stretching around the shoulder blades is suggested. However, not only that, but correcting spinal misalignment helps position the shoulder blades correctly, improves posture, and makes it easier to alleviate shoulder stiffness.

Additionally, shoulder stiffness is connected to the arms and wrists around the spine, so it is recommended to receive treatment while considering the overall balance. 👍

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