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2024.01.04 Text

Seitai can prevent pain proactively

☠️ In today’s society, smartphones and PCs are indispensable. However, prolonged usage puts a significant strain on the body. Continual stress on the muscles can lead to bone deformities, joint pain, muscle pain, and overall bodily discomfort. Seitai helps eliminate stress on the muscles before pain occurs, preventing discomfort and pain from arising.

👍 Seitai can provide treatment even when there are no symptoms.
In Oriental medicine, treating the body before symptoms or pain manifest is referred to as “preventive treatment” or “treating the unexpressed.” This aligns with what is known in modern terms as “preventive medicine.” Regularly maintaining the body through Seitai can contribute to preventing various illnesses.

🫂 Why not align your body’s condition with Seitai before it becomes problematic?
At Handless Seitai, specialists in body care are ready to assist you. Feel free to consult with us anytime.

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