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For Those with Autonomic Nervous System Symptoms

Symptoms such as headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, insomnia, and fatigue, among others, are often attributed to autonomic nervous system issues. The cause of these conditions is the overall impact of spinal misalignment, and it may take several months for improvement. The autonomic nervous system extends from the neck to the tailbone along the entire spine. However, misalignment in the spine alone may not significantly affect the function of the autonomic nervous system. The progression of misalignment, including the lower body, shoulders, arms, and other areas, leads to a reduction in overall flexibility, ultimately resulting in autonomic nervous system symptoms.

The primary role of the autonomic nervous system is crucial for maintaining life, regulating the functioning of organs, and keeping mental states stable. Disruptions in this system can lead to the aforementioned symptoms, loss of appetite, and even a decrease in stress resistance. Autonomic nervous system symptoms serve as signals indicating a challenge to the body. However, depending on the severity, they can lead to a state where daily life becomes extremely challenging, necessitating prompt measures.

We specialize in aligning the entire body, starting with the spine. Our approach is rooted in understanding and addressing the unique needs and concerns of our clients. We aim to provide comprehensive support for both the mind and body, striving to help those who experience Handless Seitai to lead more fulfilling lives.

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