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2023.12.30 Text

Essential Components of Handless Seitai


In Handless Seitai, which combines the knowledge and techniques of Japan’s top therapists with cutting-edge technology, an indispensable element is the examination developed to identify the root cause throughout the entire body.
No matter how remarkable the Seitai techniques may be, if the treatment is not directed at the actual cause, improvement cannot be expected. Therefore, we take the time for thorough counseling and examinations to ensure steady progress in resolving our clients’ concerns.
While it is often said that the majority of body pain originates from spinal misalignment, cases where this misalignment affects adjacent areas such as the pelvis or shoulders are not uncommon. To pinpoint the root cause comprehensively, we focus on the range of motion in areas like the pelvis, spine, and shoulders during our examinations.
The reason for this is simple: even if pain can momentarily be masked with misalignments, the range of motion is inevitably affected. We thoroughly examine all directions—front and back, left and right, rotation—to eliminate your pain at its core.

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