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2024.01.06 Text

Frequency and Number of Seitai Sessions

The duration of the effect of Seitai is said to be approximately one week, and it is often suggested that 10 to 15 sessions are needed for fundamental improvement.

Why is it necessary to undergo repeated treatments? This is because the body tends to revert to misalignment shortly after being adjusted!

In the bodies of animals, there is a function called “homeostasis” that strives to maintain the internal environment in a constant state.

In cases of severe symptoms, some people may return to their original state within a few days after treatment.

Therefore, it is necessary to undergo repeated treatments and gradually acclimate the body to a better state.

Moreover, giving up midway often leads to a return to the previous condition. Improvement patterns vary depending on the individual and the symptoms, so it is recommended to patiently continue with the sessions.

To achieve results sooner and make them last, it is also essential to improve lifestyle habits! Let’s patiently adjust the body’s condition and alleviate troublesome symptoms as much as possible!

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