handless seitai



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🟢 Massage involves using hands for friction and pressure to relieve symptoms. While often associated with relaxation, it can have positive effects on both the mind and body.
→ Softening the body/ Fatigue recovery/ Promoting blood circulation/ Stress relief, and more.

🔵 Seitai, on the other hand, corrects the misalignment of the spine, releases muscle tension, and restores the overall balance of the body. It can address symptoms that were thought to be incurable by resolving tension in deep muscle layers and relieving nerve compression.
→ Lower back pain/ Knee pain/ Shoulder stiffness/ Numbness in hands and feet/ Autonomic nervous system symptoms, and more.

The two decisive differences lie in whether the treatment involves examining the root cause of symptoms before proceeding and in confirming changes in the body’s movement before and after treatment.

It is crucial to determine whether the treatment aims to heal the body or simply provide relief. Choose a treatment that suits your needs after confirming this distinction.

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