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2024.01.06 Text

What is "Seitai" in Japan?

It mainly refers to a treatment that uses hands to adjust the misalignment and improve pain throughout the body.

While massage stimulates the muscles, Seitai focuses on treating the misalignment of the spine to bring it back to a normal state.

Receiving Seitai treatment can enhance performance in various situations such as household chores, childcare, and work! Wouldn’t you like to lead a comfortable life without physical limitations?

The distinctive feature of Handless Seitai ®︎ is our unique treatment that combines technology and Seitai techniques.

We are expanding Seitai in Vietnam, aiming to help people struggling with physical and mental discomfort to find relief, and to provide support for an improved daily life.

Currently, our store has temporarily moved to district 3. We appreciate your understanding and hope for your continued support.

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